Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Crystal Palace Artists Open House 2020 - Various Artists

Art and artists take centre stage over the next two weekends throughout the SE19 area. There's a wealth of talent locally, so it's great to have an annual platform to showcase it. I've been out to meet a few of those taking part, covering a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Zoe Pencils

Zoe is a graphic artist who finds inspiration in the "peculiar and the mundane", from abandoned shopping trolleys to food packing, along with a cast of characters, including her sadly departed Bedlington Terrier, Crispin. She is currently working on a graphic novel mystery, featuring Crispin and other characters.
Exhibiting at location 2.

Furniture maker, Ben, crafts individual pieces from unseasoned native hardwoods, using traditional tools and techniques.
Location 23.

Nadine Bell

A ceramicist, inspired by nature, Nadine's incredibly delicate work explores the relationship between fragility and permanence, using porcelain. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection.
Location 4.

Curtis Holder

"It all starts with a line". Fine artist, Curtis specialises in life drawing, but look closely and you'll see that in addition to traditional techniques, Curtis also draws by stitching.
Location 29

Liz Clamp

You'll know Liz from Smash Bang Wallop, but you may not have known about her artistic skills. Liz recreates the textures of nature in collagraphic printing, and textile design. On display will be a series of framed prints, and a range of cushions.
Location 29.

David Dipré

Portrait and figure studies. David works from his home studio, "an insulated bubble, where observations from the outside world can be brought and refined."
Location 8.

Laura Cronin / Bumble & Earwig

Laura creates a magical menagerie of needle felted miniature faux taxidermy. From little pieces which can be worn as brooches, to larger tableaux displayed under glass domes.
Location 30.

Abstract art inspired by travel, photos, and film, using mainly collagraph and Lino-cut techniques.
Location 4.

Emma is originally a textile artist with a long career in film and theatre costume. She then discovered a penchant for illustration, creating intricate portraits of interiors.
Location 2.

Dominic Marley

Commercial photographer Dominic usually shoots sports and fashion subjects, and his aim was to photograph animals in a similar way, hopefully raising questions about our relationship with animals. His prints are already on display at Reunion on Westow Street. The bar is open through both weekends.
Location 14.

James Balston

And finally, I'm delighted to be taking part too. As an interior and architectural photographer, I have produced a range of cushions, digitally printed with images of an architectural and sculptural theme.
Location 4.

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