Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Windows

"Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year" is an oft repeated refrain, and it's true that many of the big stores start displaying seasonal stock while British Summer Time is still in full swing. The Christmas lights and windows usually make an appearance as soon as the last pumpkin has been ushered out, so in the early days of December, I was beginning to wonder if Christmas was coming to the Palace at all. Windows were looking decidedly unseasonal, and I was beginning to doubt my plan to blog about festive fenestration! But then, all of a sudden the Christmas fairy swooped and scattered glitter all around. And actually that's just how it should be, rather than being jaded by months of commercial bombardment, a fortnight or so of baubles and glitter is just enough to get you in the mood. So one evening last week, I went window shopping around the Triangle. Here is what I saw, starting on Church Road, heading clockwise…

The Crystal Palace Market

D Solo's 

 Christmas trees for sale next to Bambino

Finlay's Bureau of Investigation


 The Alma

The White Hart

 Vintage Hart

Around the corner into Westow Street

Urban Orient

Simon Carter

Blackbird Bakery

Love Bridal



Crystal Palace Vintage

South of the River

Bookseller Crow, with dinosaur illustrations by David Vallade

Merlin Shoes, with Subway illustration, also by David Vallade.

Smash Bang Wallop


Hollybush Stores

Mind, Enterprise Shop

in a space gallery


Do South, window art by Sarah Campbell

And turning the corner into Westow Hill

The Sparrowhawk

Crystal Eye Centre

Good Taste

Upper Norwood Public Library

Royal Albert

Palace Hardware


Plumbase, it's a Christmas institution

Ponte Nuovo

Pizza at the Palace

Cocktail Embassy


Nipping round the corner to Crystal Palace Parade…

Doris Florist

Before finally settling down for a cosy evening at, 

Westow House