Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Urban Cellar

I just love the idea of taking your empty wine and beer bottles to a shop, and getting them refilled. Genius! It may not be the best way to cut down on your alcohol consumption, but it certainly helps reduce the amount of glass you use. Well take a bottle to 48 Church Road, and Ken or Stephen will top it up for you.
Stephen Tabberner was a regular customer at Bob's Wine on Anerley Hill, where Ken Bush used to be a partner, and in 2017 he left his career in homewares and fashion retail, and was looking for a new direction. When Ken was bought out by his partner, he and Steve discussed opening their own wine shop. There were various empty premises on the Triangle which they looked at, before finding No48, including the former candle shop, and the yoghurt drink bar. What they offer is very simple, a range of wines, with each type covered by three price points, to suit all. Wines are available not just from the familiar wine producing countries, but lesser known ones such as Romania, plus a few good English vineyards too. And if you don't see what you want, they can always order it in for you.The beer on the other hand is nearly all local, representing many of the breweries that have sprung up around south east London over the last decade. Apart from some great tasting products, the breweries all seem to be outdoing each other in terms of the colourful design of the cans and bottles. Obviously eye catching artwork is no guarantee of a fine beer, but the display of bottles on the shelves is certainly tempting.
With summer hopefully on its way, there are also a couple of tables out front, so you don't have to go too far for your refills.
It's good to see another shop open up on Church Road, in premises which had been empty for a while. Here's hoping the candle shop and the yoghurt one will get tenants before long too.

Stephen at 48 Church Road

Stephen & Ken

48 Church Road