Thursday, 21 July 2016


The restaurant at 11 Central Hill must be the largest in the area, the vast interior capable of seating well over 100 people. The premises have changed hands several times in recent years, having last been a Mexican restaurant. It was recently reopened by Kurdish brothers, Yuksel, and Serdal Akpinar. 'Dem' simply means relax in Kurdish, and while Kurdish restaurants are often referred to as Turkish, I guess to simplify things for us geographically challenged Brits, the brothers proudly proclaim that Kurdish cuisine is superior.
Having spent the previous 15 years running a restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue, Yuksel moved to Gipsy Hill and opened the new restaurant all on the same day. And he's enjoying the change of scene; rather than feeding the tourists, as was the case in the West End, he enjoys having friendly locals coming in on a regular basis.
With the photography and interview done, Yuksel showed me to a table and generously provided me with an ample meal, all of which was exceptionally good. So if you're looking for the perfect place to relax over a long summer evening meal, try Dem!

Yuksel & Serdal 

11 Central Hill