Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mother Earth

A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I'm so relaxed I'm practically purring. I've just been given a full body massage by Magda at Mother Earth. Sitting at a computer as often as I do, or lugging around my camera gear, my neck and shoulders often get completely knotted, so nothing beats an invigorating massage. But whether it's relief for aching limbs or just some pampering to rid you of the winter blues, I heartily recommend a trip to No.42 Westow Street. Owner, Rubina Latif, has been dispensing treatments on this site for nearly nineteen years now. Apart from Joanna's around the corner, that makes Mother Earth one of the longest surviving businesses on the Triangle. Rubina laughs at how different the area was when she first opened. "The only place to get a sandwich in those days was Safeway" (as Sainsburys used to be). No Domali or Blackbird bakery then.

Rubina trained as a beauty therapist, and for a while managed the Prescriptives counter in Selfridges. Then a friend of hers happened to open a salon in Crystal Palace, and Rubina ran the beauty side of it. At the time, friends couldn't understand why she would want to come to this part of London; now they all want to move here too.

Having now run her own business for so long, she puts its success down to the quality and loyalty of her staff, and the relaxed atmosphere.  In an industry with a generally high staff turnover, the ability to hold on to them is hugely important for building relationships with customers.  These days, the business has become established enough for Rubina to take a bit of a back seat, and time to enjoy her other interests including making cards and blogging.


Rubina's handmade cards for sale
In addition to the wonderful massages, Mother Earth offers facials, hot stone treatments, nailcare and waxing, alongside a range of beauty products for sale.

Mother Earth
42 Westow Street
020 8768 0620