Friday 12 August 2016

The Crystal Palace Market - Restaurant, Cafe, and Bar

Back in 2013, the Triangle was abuzz with the news that a whole block on a moribund stretch of Church Road, was being done up, to house not only a new restaurant, but also an eagerly awaited butcher and fishmonger. The restaurant, serving simply grilled meat and fish, was an instant hit, but sadly the butcher and fishmonger, of which I was a big fan, struggled to pay its way, and closed earlier this year. Fortunately the windows didn't stay dark for long, before owners, Sergei and Anatoly reopened the space as a bar specialising in wine and oysters. As General Manager, Stuart Oldershaw explains to me, the look of the place is down to the creative partner, Anatoly, and with the new bar, he has retained the feel of the former shop in its new incarnation.
I was disappointed not to have got round to photographing the butcher and fishmonger, so I'm making up for it now by shooting not only the Triangle's cool new bar, but the original restaurant too. And as I write, on what is a glorious friday afternoon, I think a chilled white wine and half a dozen oysters would go down pretty well.

The Restaurant

Exterior: in my opinion, the best building on the Triangle

The Wine Bar

General Manager: Stuart Oldershaw
Wine Bar manager: Fabien Joly

3-7 Church Road
020 3475 7080

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