Saturday 18 May 2013

Crystal Palace Food Market

I've mentioned the sense of community and campaigning spirit of Crystal Palace inhabitants before, and last weekend saw the fruition (literally) of one such campaign. The first of what is intended to be a weekly market was held at the bottom of Haynes Lane, and in case you missed it, it was a huge success. Food markets have come and gone in SE19, but this one seems likely to succeed, down to all the commitment and groundwork done by several key participants. The roots of the market stem from an organisation called Crystal Palace Transition Town, which started over a few drinks at The Grape and Grain, if I remember rightly. The Transition Town movement is both local and global. The idea is that local communities work together towards a more sustainable future in a world of "climate change, depleting resources and economic insecurity". Started a few years ago in Kinsale, Ireland, it has since spread to the UK and across the world. Perhaps the best known example in this country is Totnes in Devon which even has its own currency, the Totnes Pound. Back in SE19, the local campaign has been busy with a variety of projects, including the 'Palace Pint', a scheme where anyone in the area can grow hops which when harvested will all go to creating a local ale, and Patchwork Farm, which collects surplus produce from anyone growing food locally in gardens and allotments.  "Food feet not Food Miles" is their mantra. And now, the new food market is a culmination of efforts by members of Transition Town, lead by Karen Jones, with the help of Rachel de Thample and Joe Duggan among others.
As I write, the second weekly market will be getting under way, so why not head over to Haynes Lane. I can recommend the welsh cakes and Bermondsey made Caerphilly cheese from Mootown.

Rachel de Thample & Karen Jones

Karen & The Carrot, aka Joe Duggan

Crystal Palace Food Market every saturday on Haynes Lane

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  1. I LOVE when communities come together... let's hope this one sticks:-)
    Great photos. Maybe I'll come down one week..