Friday, 16 November 2012

Brown & Green - Crystal Palace Station

This is a travel announcement! Arriving at Crystal Palace station is now officially a pleasant experience. Not only has our great Victorian ticket hall been revamped and reinstated, thus dispensing with the tortuous inconvenience of the 1980s annexe with its precarious staircase, but those marvellous Tilli sisters have also opened one of their splendid cafes there. Done up with panache using salvaged and retro fittings and furniture, it makes jolly good use of the imposing space, I'm sure you will agree.

You can read all about the cafe, and all manner of other local news in the current issue of The Transmitter, the favoured gazette of Upper Norwoodians.


  1. Love Love Love it.. everything from the tiled floor to the reclaimed furniture, the lights, that red Jug/vase.... great.

    When I next come to CP, can we meet there for a coffee?

    Great shots x

    1. Thanks. Great isn't it? Perfect place for a brief encounter ;) x