Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Brown & Green

The week after the August Bank Holiday, always feels like the start of a new term, even 21 years after leaving full time education, I still get that slightly anxious feeling. So for those of you dreading the return to work after the summer, and wondering how you're going to put up with all those daily commutes between now and Christmas, I thought it might be a good time to feature Brown & Green at Gipsy Hill Station. I know this isn't exactly in the Triangle, but the station could be said to be one of the Triangle's gateways. And besides, the cafe and its proprietors are lovely, bringing a ray of sunshine to the morning commute, and well worth featuring.

Following the station's interminable recent refurbishment, twin sisters, Laura and Jess Tilli won the pitch to open a new cafe next to the ticket barriers. Many will know Laura and Jess from their TV success on The Restaurant, in which they were runners up in the competition to run their own restaurant. Coming second was the best possible result according to Jess. It gave them a huge boost without having the pressure of suddenly becoming full-time restaurateurs, and it enabled them to continue with their varied food related projects, such as Gobble Gobble, their childrens' party catering business, and Florentine & Pig, a website which aims to get children interested in cooking. The opening of the cafe, followed a brief period of doing the food at the Gipsy Hill Tavern. Now, commuters and passers-by alike, seem to be relishing their home-made and wholesome offerings, and the station has almost become a destination in its own right.

Jess & Laura

In your rush through the station to catch a train, you might want to stop and check not only the departure boards, but also, Brown & Green's blackboard. As well as listing all their tempting treats, if your name is up there, you'll be entitled to a free cuppa!

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  1. I love Brown & Green! I too had that back to school feeling this week!