Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Shou Fang

You may have noticed the curtain hanging in the doorway to No.60 Church Road, with the classic Japanese image of a rolling wave. This is the unusual entrance to Shou Fang's little boutique. 

Shou actually comes from Taiwan, but sells a range of clothing and accessories made by designers in several far eastern countries. The shop's 'u.s.p.' is just that; everything on offer is unique, a one-off. Shou often wears items by these same designers, which can be an issue when customers ask her for the one she has on. Particularly eye catching are the colourful patterned items in a little suitcase, which I took to be scarves, but are in fact leggings. Available in every print imaginable.

The shop's real charm is in the way it's owner has personalised the space and given it an identity. From her collection of Japanese toy characters to the mood boards that form a backdrop to the shop.

Shou's own background is as colourful as the merchandise. Growing up in rural Taiwan, she had to work for many years to pay her way through college, where she studied Interior Design and Surveying. Among her many jobs, she worked in a computer factory, in a call centre, as a legal secretary, and even in a bowling hall. So coming to London and opening a fashion shop held no fear for her. She mentioned that she has plans to open her own restaurant. I don't think she was joking. She clearly has as much energy as that great Japanese wave.

Shou Fang
60 Church Road

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