Thursday, 6 September 2018

Crystal Palace Park - One Summer Saturday

The summer of 2018 will no doubt become legendary, like that of 1976. And sadly if we have to wait another 42 years, I'm unlikely to see such a spectacular one again. The hot weather emphasised how important a city's green spaces are, and in Crystal Palace we are blessed to have one of London's most historically interesting parks. It may not be as old or extensive as some of the Royal Parks, but the legacy of Joseph Paxton's 1850s vision is still with us today, in the Italian terraces, the sphinxes, the dinosaurs, the lakes, and of course the Subway.
Back in June, I wandered over to the park with my camera. I wanted to capture the action on the new skate park, but I found so much more going on, from boating on the lake, to family BBQs, to a troupe of drummers and dancers practicing for the festival, the following weekend. But the biggest surprise was stumbling on the London Petanque Championship, which I had no idea was happening, indeed I had no idea that such a thing existed. Photographically this was the most rewarding aspect of my afternoon in the park.

London Petanque Championship


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