Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Markets

Today, there is a rare chance to visit the Crystal Palace Subway. You don't have to book, and you shouldn't need to queue, and what's more, there will be lots of lovely things to buy, by local artists and makers, including the wonderful printmaker, Sinead Taylor, who designed the poster above. You will also find my cushions featuring the subway itself, and our friendly neighbourhood dinos.

My other half, Jochen, has also been hard at work in his 'laboratoire', I mean kitchen, creating his delicious Ludwig London scented candles. As well as the popular Hansel & Gretel Christmas candle, there will be a special one that's been created in honour of the Crystal Palace. Catch the smoky aroma of 1936.

If you can't make it today, the cushions and candles will also be on show on Sunday 17th December at the Upper Norwood Library's Christmas Bazaar.

And these aren't the only markets in town this Christmas. The Alma plays host again to the Handmade Market tomorrow, and next Sunday, while, if it ever gets going, there's a planned Winterfest in Crystal Palace Park, from now until the New Year.

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  1. Have to do a bloody double! Will ask about the following opportunity on the 17th. Good luck today to both of you. D x