Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Blowing Dandelion - Artisan Chocolate Cafe

Keeping out of the spotlight, in the basement of this recently opened chocolate emporium and cafe, Michaela Simova is busy putting the finishing touches to the latest batch of her beautiful handmade chocolates. Row upon row of delectable treats are being lined up on their wooden display frames, like beads on an abacus. Perhaps an unconscious nod to her former career as an accountant. After having a baby, Michaela decided she wanted to do a job that made her happy, and as she told me, "chocolate makes people smile". The name of the business, Blowing Dandelion, was also chosen to invoke happiness, and simple pleasures. Since 2011, she's been selling at markets around South London, including, Herne Hill, Greenwich, and Oval, gradually building up a devoted following. When Michaela took the plunge last year, and opened the shop and cafe, she needed someone to train her to use the coffee machine. Enter Neil Le Bihan, who was only supposed to be in for a few days of training, but has since become the cheerful smiling face of the shop and cafe. The premises, at the top of Belvedere road, is bright and welcoming. Michaela designed the space, and got local joiner, Jake Dunn, whom I hope to feature here soon, to make the rustic wooden fittings.
But back to the chocs, which are miniature works of art. Michaela uses edible paint on the inside of the moulds to give pattern and colour to the surface of each chocolate. And I hear that she's using this technique to create a range of Easter eggs, currently in production! So what better way to put aside all those worries about Brexit, and Trump, than to indulge yourself at Blowing Dandelion.

Neil behind the counter

Home made Gingerbread decorating kits
Chocolate Greetings Cards
The cafe is currently exhibiting the work of Lene Bladbjerg
Meanwhile downstairs…

Michaela at work
Back upstairs I tried one of their delicious unsweetened hot chocolates

3 Belvedere Road
07930 156520

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  1. A truly delightful place to sit and drink tea or coffee. Always welcoming.