Thursday, 30 June 2016


I've heard a few people asking whether we really need another cafe on the Triangle, but as long as each offers something different, why not? Canadian, Derek Taylor certainly believes that, and spent months of hard work,  in preparation for the opening of his delightful cafe at No.1 Westow Street, formerly the home of Popiel cycles. The name, Dalhousie, in case you were wondering, was the name of the street, Derek lived on, back in Toronto. During a career,  first in finance, and then in hospitality and events planning, Derek maintained a passion for baking cakes, something he inherited, along with all the recipes, from his grandmother. Then, only a year or two ago, luck and love brought him to London, and luckily for us, to Crystal Palace.
As was Derek's intention, the cafe looks and feels very different from other local establishments. The idea is that everything about it makes you feel like it's a treat. It starts of course with the delicious cakes and Union Roasted coffee, but then there's the Digby's English sparkling wine, the chocolates, the flowers, and the elegant interior on two floors. I particularly love the 'zigzag' texture of the counter, inspired by corrugated take-away cup holders! So rather than trying to compete locally, Derek, with the help of his young and friendly team, is contributing something different to the area, which has been an instant hit, and despite his own comparatively recent arrival, he already feels committed to Crystal Palace.

Chocolates by Audrey's Chocolates

Samples of delicious sticky toffee cake

Bread from the Bread Factory

Derek Taylor

1 Westow Street


  1. Surprised the name hasn't had more scrutiny, especially considering the history of the Dalhousie family in India.

  2. Great coffee - but the cup sizes are tiny. Please reduce the price or get bigger cups! Twice as expensive as costa.

  3. I fail to see how this coffee house is any different to another. It offers the same products.

    If there is a difference, it seems that its identity doesn't know what it wants to be. The contrast between the ground and first floor is massive. It also looks like it wants to be seen as more "classy" style establishment but uses cheap looking materials such as the signage, etc... You can feel derek's corporate finance past in the interior. It may well be better suited to a more dry area where a more banker/corporate custom would live.

    Saying that, I am not condeming him for opening a dream business, but sadly, based on other comments, on here and else where, I think that it needs to be reviews by its owner in odrer to hold ground in an already saturated market.

  4. This is my favorite coffee house. The cakes are amazing! You wont get home-baked cakes in a coffee chain like Costa or Cafe Nero. The decor is stylish and homely and the lounge upstairs is so comfortable and relaxing I often see customers taking off their shoes, putting up their feet and chilling out as if they were at home!