Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hollybush Stores

It's been almost 27 years since Raju and Daxita Patel took over the Hollybush Stores, coincidentally about the same length of time that the Shah brothers have been running their hardware shop, MacDonalds, around the corner. Their longevity in business here, is testament to their hard work, and the importance of such local stores. Hollybush had previously existed in the terrace of the same name opposite, but had moved to its current location under the previous owner. When the Patels arrived here from their previous premises in Chelsea, they inherited not only the shop, but also an invaluable member of staff, Susan Kieley, who is still there to this day. And in that time, not a huge amount else has changed. Generations of loyal customers continue to shop there, many of whom the Patels remember as children coming in with their parents. That sense of continuity is vital for the wellbeing of any community. Customers love the knowledgable service, and the fact that you can buy a couple of loose nails or picture hooks, rather than a box full.
One of the things that has changed, is that due to the popularity of double glazing, sales of gas fires, which used to be a big part of the business, have now evaporated. It's to be hoped that businesses such as Hollybush and MacDonalds, continue to thrive, and don't go the way of gas fires. Use them or lose them!

Raju Patel behind the counter

Daxita & Raju Patel

24-28 Westow Street
020 8653 1258

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