Thursday, 3 January 2013


There's been a huge amount of activity on the Triangle over the past twelve months, both literally and virtually. With so many new openings (and sadly a couple of closings too), there should be plenty of subject matter for the year ahead. I was delighted that a couple of people and places I'd already featured, asked me back to shoot new pics for websites or for press and PR. A shoot for Joanna's included not only more shots of the wonderful interior, but also some food and cocktail images.

The restaurant's namesake, artist, Joanna Charlotte, also called on me to record some of her most recent paintings.

Even more excitingly, the blog managed to catch the eye of two brand new clients, both locally based creatives. Firstly, Sarah Hamilton, who designs wonderful prints and cards. We had great fun styling her products, mixing them with knick-knacks around her home.

And secondly, a talented young designer, Ian Haigh, who commissioned me to photograph a couple of his recent interior projects. Neither of them were anywhere near the Triangle, but you could at least see the transmitter from the first one, namely, Galvin's bar at the top of the Hilton tower on Park Lane.

Back on the Triangle, it was a year of landmark events, such as the appearance of the olympic torch, which I sadly missed. The reopening of Crystal Palace station's ticket hall, and the albeit temporary reopening of the extraordinary subway, have already featured here, but in addition there was the Switchover "Spectacular" in April, held soon after this year's prolonged monsoon season began, as I recall.

And finally, during one of the few sunny interludes, a great green inflatable thing landed in the park. Like the torch, it was on a journey around the country, drawing crowds wherever it went. 

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2013!


  1. Hello James I was refered to your Blog via Lucy from the Crystal Palace Eye Center. I had my test their this morning. I have to say- WoW, stunning blog..namely the photography. you are an assest to the Triangle, I am a local Visual Artist and very proud to live here too. it would be lovely to meet up. Keep well.Chelsea St.Pierre

    1. Thank you Chelsea, much appreciated and glad you like the blog. We certainly live in a wonderful corner of London.